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alquodchodeuh (or: alchodchodech, alcodhodeli)

كدخذاه · kadḫuḏāh n. kdḫḏāh alcocoden (technical term of astrol.: a planet or point on the horoscope which, ruling over the hyleg, indicates the length of life) show/hide quotes
  • Albu. Coni. tr. II, li. 510, see also version c, fn. 89 extrahitur ei alchileg et alchodchodech [var. alcodhodeli]
  • Ar. ويستخرج له الهيلاج والكدخذاه
  • Alcab. diff. IV, li. 73 Et ex hoc alquodchodeuh, quod est significator vite
  • Alcab. diff. IV, li. 93 et non considerabis pro alquodchodeuh alium preter eum [sc. gradum lune]
  • 1 Albu. Coni.
  • 4 Alcab.

< Arabic al-kadḫuḏāh < Persian kadḫuḏāh (lit. ‘lord of the house’) which is a calque from the Greek οἰκοδεσπότης. See WKAS vol. I, 551 s.v. kadḫudāhun. Kunitzsch 1977, 35, fn. 4. Hasse 2016, 262–265. The Latin terms are not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA. Cf. quodchodeuh.

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