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alainac (or: alamac)

العناق · al-ʿanāq n. ʿnq Alamak (star name: γ Andromedae) (astr.) (lit. ‘the caracal’) show/hide quotes
  • Ptol. Almag. no. 248, Baily 349 Que est supra pedem sinistrum et est alainac [var. alamac]
  • Ar. version u, see fn. 13 الذى فوق الرجل اليسرى وهو العناق
  • 2 Ptol. Almag.

< Arabic. Kunitzsch 1959, 105–106, no. 11. Kunitzsch/Smart 2006, 15–16. The Latin terms are not documented in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA.

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