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دور · dawr n. dwr dawr’ (technical term of astrol.: a cycle of 360 years) show/hide quotes
  • Albu. Coni. tr. VIII, li. 163, version c, see fn. v et a signo profectionis revolutionis, s. ador, usque ad Geminos
  • Albu. Coni. tr. VIII, li. 201, version c, see fn. v Et si volueris profectionem ex signo revolutionis, s. ador, erit ergo proiectio ex signo Geminorum
  • Ar. وإذا أردت الانتهاء من برج الدور فليكن الطرح من برج الجوزاء
  • 2 Albu. Coni.

< Arabic al-dawr. Yamamoto/Burnett 2000, vol. I, 587–592. This sense of the Latin term does not appear in MLW, DMLBS and LLNMA. Cf. circulus.

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